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PLEASE NOTE - ONLY PAID UP SBMCC CLUB MEMBERS GET FULL ACCESS TO THE FORUM. Please allow up to 14 days for membership applications to be processed.

Please note that ALL accounts are manually validated by an Administrator before becoming active. Please allow up to 24 hours for completion of the validation process. In exceptional circumstances, this may take longer.

Please note that 'Forum Guest' accounts are restricted to what can be accessed. Y
ou will not be able to use the 'Search' facility, send Personal Messages or create photo albums. Parts of the Forum, including the "Read Only Archive" section and the Van Build Blogs will also still not be available to you and you will be limited to 10 posts. Only paid up SBMCC Club Members have full and unrestricted access to the SBMCC Forum. Please see this post on the forum for further details.

If, after seeing what is available from the club, you decide to
join the SBMCC, please see this post on the forum for details of how to become a club member.
Please note that we reserve the right to delete forum accounts that are or remain unused.

SBMCC Forum Rules

Members and users of this forum are reminded that when using it, you are bound by the SBMCC Forum Rules which are available via a link at the top of every page. You are also reminded that you are expected to treat and address members and users with courtesy, civility and respect at all times. Abusive or belligerent posts will not be tolerated.

Failure to abide by these Rules can result in either post moderation or suspension of access privileges without prior notice. Extreme cases or repeated violations may also result in termination of membership of the SBMCC.

Please don't write your messages in CAPITAL LETTERS - it's harder to read and (by convention) is taken to mean that you are shouting. Be aware that the moderators may delete quotes that they consider excessive. Comments that are considered to be "off topic" may be deleted without notice. This also includes comments that have no relevance to a post.

You agree, through your use of this forum, that you will not post any material which is discriminatory towards or demeaning of anyone’s nationality, race, religion, sex or sexual orientation, nor will you post material which is false, inaccurate, defamatory, hurtful, abusive, hateful, harassing, vulgar, obscene, profane, threatening, offensive, invasive of a person's privacy, in violation of or which encourages the violation of ANY law. Posts containing such material may be deleted without notice and lead to the offender being moderated, suspended or even banned from the forum and club.
You agree, through your use of this forum, that you will not make any posts describing, discussing or encouraging the modification of any LPG appliance, gas cylinder or gas storage tank.  Any such posts may be deleted by the moderators.

You also agree not to post any material that is subject to copyright unless you own the copyright or you have consent from the owner of the copyright. By posting material on this forum, the poster is deemed to give the SBMCC permission to hold said material on its server and make it available to users of the SBMCC forum to view. Spam, flooding, advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, solicitations and affiliate links are also inappropriate to this forum, as are posts of a political nature. Promoting alternative forums or other self build motor caravan sites and forums, which might lead to distilling the membership of this club, is strictly forbidden, as is denigrating this club or any of its members whether on this forum or elsewhere and may lead to the offender being banned.

Any user of this forum who posts material deemed to be in breach of these rules may be suspended or banned from the forum and club without warning.

Please remember that we do not actively monitor the messages posted on this forum and cannot be held responsible for their content. The messages posted on this forum express the views of the author and are not necessarily the views of other users of this forum. Anyone who feels that a message is objectionable is encouraged to report it to a moderator of this forum immediately. We have the right to remove any objectionable content. This is a manual process however, so please accept that we may not be able to remove or edit a particular message immediately.

You agree that you will remain solely responsible for the content of your messages, and that you will indemnify and hold harmless the SBMCC, its Members and Management Team, this forum and any related websites to this forum. Please remember that legal action can be taken against you as a result of a complaint being made about your use of this forum. We therefore reserve the right to reveal your identity or any information we have about you in the event of such a complaint or legal action arising from your use of this forum.

To post a message on the forum you will first need to register and then log in. However, you can read posts on this forum without the need to log in.


The views, information and advice expressed on this forum are those of the contributors. The SBMCC cannot verify whether any person making a statement is qualified to do so, and therefore cannot take responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of any such statements. Any action taken on information gleaned from this forum is therefore the responsibility of the individual concerned. If you are in any doubt, you should consult a suitably qualified professional before acting.

By using this forum you acknowledge that you have read and fully understood the disclaimer and that you agree to abide by the Rules at all times.

ONLY PAID UP SBMCC CLUB MEMBERS GET FULL ACCESS TO THE FORUM. It is YOUR responsibility to inform the Membership Secretary at "membership@sbmcc.co.uk" of the details of your Forum Login when you send your membership application so that your Login can be upgraded to that of an SBMCC Club Member. Please allow up to 14 days for processing of membership applications.

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